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Data Center Energy Efficiency

Simplifying & certifying data center sustainability

What is DEEP?

DEEP is a program that assesses and certifies a data center’s sustainability.

It is designed to award organizations following best practices for sustainable data center operations.

Certification is based on an evaluation framework that makes sustainability quantifiable & simple.

Why Choose DEEP

Holistic view of data center sustainability

We consider much more than just electricity use. DEEP addresses all sources of carbon emissions, water usage and e-waste.

Balances sustainability against risk

Sustainability cannot be viewed in a vacuum; business needs and risk tolerance must be considered.

Simplifies data center sustainability

DEEP brings together best practices from across the industry.
We’ve spent 100s of hours reviewing, assessing and understanding approaches from LEEDs, DoE, BICSI, ASHRAE, AFCOM, Green Grid, and more, so you don’t have to be the expert.

Personalized assessments

No two data centers are the same. DEEP assessors take the time to understand your business and your data center – spending a full day onsite for an in-depth assessment. This is not a “box checking” exercise.

Highly credible

Criteria for certification was created & approved by dozens of industry experts. The framework & program is supported by renowned and respected data center brands: Data Center Knowledge, Data Center World, AFCOM and Omdia’s Cloud & Data Center Practice.

Recognition for your accomplishments

DEEP has the channels to recognize and publicize your sustainability efforts via Informa-owned media and events brands.