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Physical Systems

Best Practices for Sustainable Systems

Blog | August 2022

DEEP offers assistive criteria on how to optimize a data center’s mechanical systems not only to promote sustainability, but to also improve efficiency and lower potential operating costs. This post discusses other best practices in order to improve your data center’s mechanical systems.

Electrical Systems

Best Practices for Sustainable Systems

Blog | August 2022

DEEP highlights its assessment criteria for data center electrical systems, including high-efficiency UPS, Energy Star-rated IT, automated electrical reporting, virtualization of power, energy management system, and smart rPDUs. Data centers are notoriously expensive to operate due to high power consumption, so these best practices are designed to identify sustainable elements and pinpoint how operating costs can be minimized.

Airflow Management

Best Practices for Sustainable Operations

Blog | July 2022

DEEP has a strong focus on airflow management. Assessment criteria include containment, rack inlet temperatures, perforated tiles, temperature monitoring, and more. While mechanical and electrical improvements involve high costs for the data center, airflow management improvement costs are far less, while some can be done with no financial investment at all. 

DEEP Underground

Operating from a subterranean biosphere

Case Study | May 2022

We spoke with Todd Murren -- General Manager of Bluebird Underground, a state-of-the-art data center buried 85 feet underground in the corner of a disused 5 million-square-foot limestone mine -- to find out why the data center is underground and how it helps Bluebird Underground achieve more sustainable operations and lower carbon emissions.

A DEEP Customer Story

DC BLOX Data Center Sustainability Journey

Article | June 2022

DC BLOX has always taken their responsibility to the local environments of the communities they serve seriously. Although they have always focused on data center operational efficiency, they recently began formalizing the goals, programs, and actions necessary to ensure they achieve their sustainability objectives over time. Read how DEEP played a role in this important intiative. 

The Need for a New Industry Metric

Toward a Framework for Data Center Sustainability

Whitepaper | May 2022

The time has come for the data center industry to up its game and create a system that enables greater visibility and accountability in fighting climate change. This report discussed the drivers for a new framework to assess and certify data center sustainability and provides tips for all data centers of all sizes to implement best practices in sustainability.

From Energy Star to DEEP

Making Data Centers More Efficient

News | April 2022

An interview by Max Smolaks with data center sustainability consultant, Andrew Fanara. They discuss the evolution of green IT and the need for a framework like DEEP, which looks beyond power consumption to aspects such as water conservation and electronic recycling programs. 

Sustainability Framework Formally Peer-Reviewed

Industry Experts Meet to Define and Validate Data Center Sustainability Framework

Press | April 2022

A dozen of the industry’s greatest minds met for a half-day workshop to peer review and validate a framework designed to quantify and simplify data center sustainability duriing Data Center World 2022. They were tasked with thinking about best practices for sustainability across four key categories: airflow management, electrical systems, mechanical systems, and processes.

Data Center World 2022

What is DEEP?

News | April 2022

Introducing a new industry framework that hopes to encourage better sustainability practices in enterprise and hyperscale data centers. 

Testimonial | Seeking a Sustainability Benchmark

A discussion of the DEEP certification process & benefits

Video | March 2022

DC BLOX VP of Marketing & Product Management, William A. Thomson, discusses the benefits of getting the DC BLOX data center DEEP certified.