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What is DEEP?

DEEP is a program that assesses and certifies a data center’s sustainability.

It is designed to award organizations following best practices for sustainable data center operations.

Certification is based on an evaluation framework that makes sustainability quantifiable & simple.


The framework is the result of rigorous industry review & practical testing. Data centers are evaluated and scored against 70+ best practices in airflow management, electrical systems, mechanical systems and processes. Get this whitepaper to see how the framework was developed.


Bluebird Underground, a state-of-the-art data center buried 85 feet underground in the corner of a disused limestone mine, turned to DEEP to improve their operations, so customers have confidence in their sustainability claims. Read about their assessment and certification.  


DC BLOX has always focused on data center efficiency, and recently began formalizing the actions necessary to ensure they achieve their sustainability objectives. Check out what Bill Thomson, VP of Marketing and Product Management, had to say about the role DEEP played in this initiative. 

The State of Data Center Sustainability

Selection Criteria for Colocation Services

97% of data center service providers have between a few or all of their customers looking for contractual commitments to sustainable practices. [451 Group]

27% of colocation customers cite energy efficiency & access to renewable energy as the most important criteria in choosing a colocation service provider. [Omdia]

In a soon-to-be-published AFCOM report “State of Data Center Sustainability”, 55% of interviewees cited the use of colocation services as a means to improve sustainability 

Omdia’s annual ITEI survey of 5,500 IT Enterprise Professionals found that 23% of North American organizations cite improving sustainability among their Top 3 business challenges. [ITEI Survey]

Gain credibility   
Becoming DEEP certified provides 3rd party, unbiased, verification that your data center is accountable, transparent and already taking meaningful steps toward net-zero goals. 

Communicate your impact
DEEP certification gives you the tools to showcase and explain your data center’s efforts, simplifying the story of actions your facility has taken to improve sustainability within its operations.

Showcase your holistic approach to sustainability
You’re not just buying RECs or taking the easy way out. You’re taking steps within your day-to-day operations to address electricity, water, use and e-waste.

Standout from the competition
Demonstrate thought leadership and action with this new industry standard. With a DEEP certification your data center will be a part of an elite group of industry trendsetters creating real world solutions.

Get more than just a certification
DEEP has the channels to recognize and publicize your sustainability efforts via Informa-owned media and events brands, including social media promotions, custom asset creation, and much more.

Resource Hub

Whitepaper | Sustainability Framework

Toward A Framework For Data Center Sustainability

A dozen of the industry’s greatest minds attended an AFCOM Leaders Lab workshop to peer-review and validate a framework designed to quantify and simplify data center sustainability.

These handpicked senior data center practitioners were tasked with thinking about best practices for sustainability across four key categories: airflow management, electrical systems, mechanical systems, and processes. This paper discusses the framework that the collaboration generated and the industry drivers that led to the need for such a framework.

Case Study | DEEP Underground

DEEP Underground - Operating from a subterranean biosphere

We spoke with Todd Murren -- General Manager of Bluebird Underground, a state-of-the-art data center buried 85 feet underground in the corner of a disused 5 million-square-foot limestone mine -- to find out why the data center is underground and how it helps Bluebird Underground achieve more sustainable operations and lower carbon emissions.

Find out what he had to say today!